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Center for Austrian Studies Staff

2013-14 CAS Staff

2013-14 Center for Austrian Studies Staff. Left to right, Kevin Mummey, Verena Stern, Klaas van der Sanden, Mollie Madden, Daniel Pinkerton, and Sharon Park.

Name Email Position
Klaas van der Sanden Interim Director
Daniel Pinkerton Editor
Matthias Falter Research Fellow
Mollie Madden Assistant Editor, Austrian History Yearbook
Kevin Mummey Administrative Fellow
Sharon Park Assistant Editor
Verena Stern 2013-14 CAS/BMWF Doctoral Research Fellow

Director: Klaas van der Sanden

Klaas van der Sanden has been the interim director of the Center since July 2010. He also serves as a program director in the Institute for Global Studies with responsibility for the federally funded Title VI National Resource Centers. He was educated at the University of Amsterdam with degrees in Germanistik and Comparative Literature. Before assuming his administrative duties in Global Studies, van der Sanden taught in the Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch.

Editor: Daniel Pinkerton

Daniel Pinkerton has been the editor and art director of the Austrian Studies Newsmagazine since 1992 and the CAS Annual Report since 1991. He is also the Center for Austrian Studies website coordinator, performs other design- and editorial-related duties, and assists the director in special projects. Pinkerton holds an M.F.A. in playwriting and an M.A. in European history. Outside of the university, he is an active playwright and lyricist.

Research Fellow: Matthias Falter

Matthias Falter is Research Fellow visiting form the University of Vienna. In addition to working on his PhD on Austrian parliamentary discourse on right-wing extremism and underlying concepts of political community, Falter has presented a lecture based upon his research, acted as a facilitator for postfilm discussions, and has conducted, transcribed, and translated an interview for the ASN and the IHRC. Falter, a political scientist, has been a junior researcher and lecturer at the University of Vienna. His research fields are political theory and the history of political thought (especially critical theory and the political thought of Hannah Arendt), historic and contemporary antisemitism, right-wing extremism and parliamentarianism.

Assistant Editor, Austrian History Yearbook: Mollie Madden

Mollie Madden has been the assistant editor of the Austrian History Yearbook since Fall 2010. In 2009-2010, she worked on future volumes of the Austrian and Habsburg Studies series and on the ASN. Madden is currently a PhD candidate in history at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation, "The Black Prince at War: Late Medieval Military Logistics, 1355-1356," deals with English campaigning in France during the Hundred Years War.

Program Coordinator: Kevin Mummey

Dr. Kevin Mummey is the Adminsitrative Fellow resonsible for program coordination, events planning, marketing and outreach, social media strategy, writing for and proofreading the ASN. In addition to those duties, he serves as an assistant editor for CAS book series and the chief copyeditor for the Austrian Studies Newsmagazine. He also writes articles for the ASN.

Graduate Research Assistant: Sharon Park

Sharon Park is an editorial assistant for the Austrian History Yearbook and the CAS book series. She is a PhD candidate in history at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation examines the politics of U.S. foreign and humanitarian aid to child refugees during the Cold War.

2013-2014 CAS/BMWF Doctoral Research Fellow: Verena Stern

Verena Stern is this year’s Center for Austrian Studies/Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research Doctoral Fellow. Verena is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna, Austria.  She has taught both M.A. and B.A. classes and was a research assistant in the Department of Political Science as well as a teaching assistant in the Social Sciences.  Her latest publication is “Bodies that splatter – feministische Anrufungen, Performativität und Körper in Quentin Tarantinos Death Proof.”  She is currently writing her dissertation on the migration of undocumented refugees from Somalia to the European Union. Verena´s research interests include human rights, law, agency, and transnational migration.